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Chico Chugg Colouring Books

Image of Chico Chugg Colouring Books


A colouring book to read along with the TV episode.

The twins’ birthday gets off to a rocky start when Chico and Henri discover the cake has been left unattended.

The Garden Centre
Mum and Michele go to the Garden Centre to get new plants for the pots on the roof of the boat. Chico and Henri have to watch, but of course Chico manages to cause a catastrophe!

Jimmy’s Song
Chico and Henri join in with the band’s rehearsal in the studio. Who says dogs can’t sing?

A Little Piece and Quiet
Dad takes Chico to see Nan and Pops. Nan wants a bit of peace and quiet so Chico takes Dad and Pops to finish off a jigsaw. Unfortunately he gets confused between peace and piece.

The Lock
Henri and Chico and their families go for a chug and come across a lock. Chico doesn’t like his safety vest, especially when he hears what Henri has to say about it!